Tree Care Tips

How to Take Better Care of Your Trees This Year

Keeping trees in their best condition takes time and effort. While it can be challenging to carry out the task, it is possible with some professional guidance. Like any other things, trees require care and support to flourish.

We know that you may get confused when it comes to caring for your trees properly. That is why we want to offer some expert advice that we have acquired first hand in our years of professional experience.

Without further ado, here are some of the ways you can better care for your trees this year:

Don’t Neglect Watering

Almost all living creatures need water to survive—and that includes the trees in your backyard. If you have young trees, make sure to water them regularly to keep them healthy. For most trees, water them from 10 pm to 8 am for the best results.

To assist root growth, you can use a deep watering technique. This approach also prevents surface roots from becoming weak. Keep in mind that the ground should be moist and not wet. Check the soil weekly to make sure it is in its best condition. You can use 3 inches of mulch over the soil to lock moisture in.

Remove Dead or Damaged Branches

Nothing good comes from keeping anything dead in your yard—including branches and limbs. If you want better looking and healthier trees this year, be persistent in eliminating any dead or damaged branches from your tree. These compromised branches can cause costly damage to your property if they fall accidentally.

You will thank yourself for removing unwanted and dead branches in the future! When it comes to your trees’ health, you need to be more proactive in ensuring they don’t get crowded with damaged branches. Getting rid of these branches as early as they appear helps maintain your tree’s overall wellness and assists new growth. If you are not sure how to properly perform the task, get in touch with your local tree service company for help.

Don’t Forget About Pruning

The best way to start your annual tree maintenance is by having some winter pruning when trees are in their dormant state. Winter pruning generally benefits most tree species and results in better growth comes the spring season. This technique prepares trees to bloom their best in the coming season and keeps them safe from diseases and insect infestation.

When pruning, always use sharp and clean tools to make sure you don’t leave stubs in the tree. If you are unsure how to perform pruning, don’t hesitate to ask a certified arborist. Bear in mind that incorrect pruning may result in several adverse effects, so it is wise to seek assistance from someone who knows the process well.

Remove Significantly Damaged Trees

Tree removal is essential if you want to keep your landscape safe and attractive. Dead or damaged trees can be home to many disease-causing elements that can affect the rest of the living trees nearby. Also, a significantly damaged tree can fall on your property and result in damage or injury. Always leave the task to a reliable tree service company with years of experience and proper equipment, license, and insurance to perform the job.

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7 Things to Look for When Hiring a Tree Service Company

If you are looking for a tree care company but are unsure of the process, you landed on the right page. Using the service of a professional tree company is the first step to ensuring the optimum health of your tree. Read on for the seven crucial factors you should consider when looking for a tree service company.

Check their Credentials

There are plenty of tree companies out there, but you should hire the one that is accredited by the TCIA. A tree service with this credential can assure you of the best service possible.

Ask for a Detailed Estimate

Some companies offer free estimates on their websites for some of their services. But you want a company that can supply you with a quote for the specific service you require. The estimate should be as detailed as possible, including the scope of the job and its total cost.

References and Reviews

Online reviews can help you a lot in your search for the best tree company for the job. Do your homework and research about what customers have to say about the service of the company you are looking to hire. You have to be wise when reading online reviews because some can be biased, so always take everything with a grain of salt. It will also help to ask the company to provide you with references, so you can call them and ask them directly about the quality of the company’s work and their customer service.

Insured and Licensed

Hiring a tree company without proper general liability and workers’ compensation can have a lot of disadvantages on your end. If anything happens on your property while the company is at work, that will be your legal and financial responsibility, if you choose an uninsured company. Don’t put yourself at risk of being liable and choose a tree service with a license and proper insurance coverage.

Tree Health

Unfortunately, not all tree companies care about the health of trees. Some just want to earn your hard-earned money then leave your tree in danger. Don’t hire a company that uses spikes when performing tree maintenance because of the detrimental effect it has on trees. Another company to avoid is one that practices “topping” as it can result in irreversible health issues for your tree.

Safety is Priority

Tree work is never to be taken lightly because it involves using heavy-equipment that can put you and your property in danger. Look for a tree service that adheres to the standards set by OSHA. Safety should be on top of the list of the company you should choose. Make sure they wear safety gear while on the job site.

Service Offerings

If possible, choose a tree company that has a full spectrum of tree services. This way, you don’t have to jump from one company to another to accommodate your different tree needs. It can save you time, energy, and resources when you work with a tree company that can perform a wide selection of tree services.

How to Choose a Professional Tree Service

How to Choose a Professional Tree ServiceYou’ve been hearing about professional tree services, but are you sure you can trust them? Here’s how to pick the right one.

It’s a good idea to learn how to find the right professional to do the work for you. Here are a few guidelines.

First, you should ask for references. Ask at your local library, the phone book, or look online. A few professionals may be very experienced, but most likely they won’t be the ones you want to hire.

Second, read testimonials of people who have hired the service you’re considering. If there are negative comments, get other opinions and take it from there. However, if a professional is honest and helpful, he or she might be a good choice.

Third, ask to see their credentials. They should have licenses and insurance for the type of tree you want to get rid of. This is especially important if you want to have tree trimming done.

Finally, consider how long the professional tree service company has been in business. That way, you know that they will be willing to do their best to get the job done right the first time.

Keep in mind that hiring an inexperienced or untrained person can cost you much more than hiring someone with a lot of experience. The price difference between hiring an experienced person and an inexperienced person can be more than double the actual price of tree removal. This means that your money is more likely to go towards hiring an experienced professional.

Tree trimming isn’t something that is usually done on a regular basis. The majority of trees need to be removed every few years. Still, if you live in an area that sees a lot of damage due to tree damage or a broken branch, a tree-trimming service could come in handy. As with any service, you’ll get what you pay for.

You’ll find that some people choose to hire a professional to trim trees on their property, while others don’t. Still, it’s nice to know that professional tree services do exist.

It’s also a great idea to check the credentials of the professionals that you’re considering hiring. Even if you don’t hire a professional, it’s still a good idea to do your research before you hire anyone for tree removal.

In some cases, tree removal isn’t required, so it’s not something you need to think about when you’re doing your landscape. Still, you never know when you might be faced with it.

When choosing a professional tree service, remember that you want to make sure that you get a professional that you can trust to handle your tree removal needs. A professional tree service will be knowledgeable, efficient, and will be able to do the job right the first time.

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